Boys and girls equity? Parents, it’s up to you!

It will not have escaped anyone’s notice, since yesterday, November 5, at 4:47 p.m. the women will work on a voluntary basis until the end of the year! Your children, girls or boys will be living in the businesses of tomorrow and things will undoubtedly have improved by then. We women will have an average salary equal to that of men in the years to come!

How do you explain to your children where this concept of inequality between men and women comes from? And what do they think of the subject?

According to Françoise Héritier, the first female anthropologist at the Collège de France, the unequal relationship is universal. It was created at the dawn of time by individuals lacking our current knowledge. By trying to understand reproduction they shaped a world that corresponded to what they saw. They watched some incomprehensible thing for them until the end of the 18 th century, yes, women were the children of both sexes, and men were not doing!

The men therefore decided that the woman was only a “receptacle” for the children they produced. Woman then became something to be appropriated for the reproduction of sons they could not make. This state of affairs has induced a whole series of constraints for women (deprivation of control over their bodies, deprivation of access to knowledge and power.) Simone de Beauvoir in “The Second Sex” clearly explains that medicine has fortunately brought a scientific foundation which got the better of primitive societies and then of the unequal and absurd ideas of Aristotle and Hippocrates. The invention of the microscope made it possible in 1877 to observe that the cells fused symmetrically, neither more passive or active than the other. Phew!

That said, medicine, faced with centuries of unequal history and culture, is not yet up to the task. An experience with children whose feeling of discomfort, injustice and astonishment is at the height of their solutions and their beautiful collaboration.